Advantage of Entity Framework over ADO.NET

Entity Framework is highly recommended technology to build any complex system. Entity Framework is more powerful then ADO.NET and LINQ to SQL. Object Relational Mapping (ORM) is main technology that Entity Framework is used. ORM will generate business objects according to database structure. You can get more information about Entity Framework from our recently published article "What is Entity Framework - Basic of Entity Framework". ORM reduce work code and very simple to use. Developer don't need to write SQL statements to access data. Five reasons for using an ORM tools to get Advantage of ORM.

Here we have discuss several Advantages which give more awareness about Entity Framework.

Advantage of Entity Framework

1. EF reduce code by creating Model instead of create class to access data.
2. Easy and fast Functionality for select, Insert, update ,delete and other CRUD operation.
3. Data access code is under source control. If any Database Modification required, no need to change
    Data access logic. You have to just change  model or business object.
4. Easy to manage relationship between tables. 
5. Faster Development approach then ADO.NET.
6. Code is also usually much neater and more maintainable
7. Conceptual model can be represented in a better way.


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